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Here are responses we have received from our customers:

Letter from one of Clayton Homes largest independent dealers

Letter from Georgia Tech. College of Architecture

Article in Crittenden's Manufactured Housing Report

"Dear Pieramid Foundation Systems,

I know that I will be selling my manufactured home in the future to step up into a newer home. Getting the best resale value when that time comes was an important factor in my decision making process. I'm glad I have the new permanent foundation system that recognizes my house as real property."

Josh Fowler

"Not only was the price right, but having the highest appraisal value when/if I sell my manufactured home let's me sleep better at night. Having my home classified as real property since it is set on a permanent foundation is the way to go."

Steven Marks

"Now I have less back pain @ the end of the day from carrying cement blocks around. These new lightweight piers really speed up my installation time. Not just the weight, but the new way of anchoring the piers down is faster than installing the old tie downs that blocked all of my access to the house. Things are totally better with the new piers. Thanks,"

Billy Owens

"Specific site engineered plans make it much easier for my crew and I because now I have plans that tell me exactly where the placement of each and every pier should be. No more guessing. I have confidence that the house is set on very solid foundation. Many new aspects of setting homes have changed. Shopping is easier now that I don't have to hunt, count, and haul around heavy cement blocks along with wood caps and shims. Now I just look at the plans, count the piers, load the truck and go."

Jorge Guzman
Guzman Construction

"From a developer's perspective - this is a no brainer when it comes to finding a new way of setting a home in frost heave applications. I have cut my excavation costs in half using this new foundation system. By passing on the savings, I am able to offer my customers a better value land-home package. My sales have increased and now I have a competitive edge on other dealers in my area. The new perimeter support way meets all the FHA guidelines as well, so now I can get more customers qualified with zero percent down. It's a win-win from many sides. Just wish this system had come out years ago."

Rick Eder
Affordable Housing Inc.

"What I can say about the pieramids is that site specific engineering for the foundation plans is the new wave of the future. Once my building inspectors became familiar with the piers on a solid cement foundation, inspections have been a breeze. Eliminating all the excavation and load bearing skirting costs for brick or pressure treated plywood for pit set applications has saved me thousands. My installer crews also like working with the new stands. Let me know if you need anything else,"

Alvin Lopez
All American Construction Inc.

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